Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The First Failed Sequel: Part III

I arrived in El Paso on Friday afternoon and was picked up at the airport by a sweet young man holding a cardboard sign with my name on it.  We went for some amazing local tacos and then on to the hotel to meet with Ben Solovey and work out what would happen next.  Since the official screening event that had been scheduled for the next evenng had already been cancelled, he was looking into other possibilities.
Later that evening, Phil again contacted the Director of the El Paso Classic Film Festival saying they shouldn’t cancel and something could be worked out. He then gave his conditions.
 First, Ben must be banned from the entire festival and his photo distributed to all security personel.
 Second: I was to call Phil and the lawyers back in order to receive a script to promote the sequel The Search For Valley Lodge.
Third: the Film Festival had to get Joe Warren (Even though he had not yet been born at the time it was made) there by the next night night to join me on stage to talk about his dad’s film.

Those conditions would take all the time I was scheduled for on stage.

Bully tactics were not going to work.  The response from the El Paso side of things was a resounding No.

The Manos screening had originally been scheduled for Saturday night as the last film of the evening at The Plaza Theater.  On Saturday morning, arrangements were made across the street from the theater in the ballroom of the El Camino Real Hotel to set up a screen and seats and show Manos as planned, but for free. That evening, a couple of the festival volunteers were in front of the theater to refund ticket holders money and the people were then sent across the street to the hotel ballroom.  A couple more volunteers were posted outside an  earlier outdoor screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show where they distributed flyers directing them to the free Manos screening down the block.  All in all, about 350 people showed up for the Manos Restoration, some of them in Rocky Horror costume.  The hotel rolled a portable bar into the back of the room and the audience was able to enjoy cocktails as well.   Ben and I ended up hanging out with the audience for a couple hours after the show, just visiting and answering questions.  We learned later that had we done the screening as originally planned in the theater, we would have been kicked out right after so they could ready the place for the next days film lineup.  Seems we lucked out after all.

All in all it was an amazing time and The Will of Manos came through as it always seems to do.  Manos sees all.  Manos knows all.

Here is something cool I found while googling myself on the internet.  What a nice video about my book Growing Up With Manos The Hands Of Fate    https://youtu.be/IwxZQG9MZT4

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And if you happen to live near or are visiting the Portland Oregon area this coming Friday, I will me the MC for an Mystery Science Themed Burlesque show.  This is a truly amazing thing.  Torgo will be there too...burlesque Torgo.

And lastly for today, check out my Jackeys hand of Horror Podcast.  Here is the Burlesque episode
Jackeys Hand of Horror - Burlesque

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