Friday, December 7, 2012

The Official World Premire of Manos

Hello!  Back from Hollywood California.  Crazy, huh?  It doesn't make any more sense to me now than it did last week.  I'm invited to the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival in the town that is all about making movies to celebrate a West Texas film commonly referred to as "The Worst Movie ever Made".   And the reason I'm there is because people want me to tell them what it was like to be part of that film.  So...Crazy.  Huh?

On Tuesday, December 5th, the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival screened the official World premire of the restoration of  Manos, The Hands of Fate at the New Bev Cinema in Hollywood California.  My  appreciation goes out to the organizers and the theater for a great venue and gracious hosting.  Thanks also to Ben Solovey whose time and dedication to this restoration was evidenced so clearly on Tuesday night.  The color and sound was much better than the original and allowed us to see this classic film in all its glory.  The moths, the uneven make up, the masters jeans rolled up under his robe.  There's a lot more but you'll just have to discover that for yourselves when it becomes available.

I also enjoyed seeing familiar and friendly faces.  Several Facebook friends came and it was great to meet them face to face in real time.  Bryan Jennings who's father played the Sheriff in the original was in attendance.  He and I spent most of Tuesday watching independent films until the Manos screening and then were invited with Ben for a Q and A afterward.  We had a great time sitting in the back of the theater watching the audience watch Manos.  The audience was fabulous.  It was as though they had done Manos together before.  Choreographed beautifully with laughs, groans and a chorus of "Seriously?".  I'm telling you.  Manos has all the makings to be the next Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Just think about it and let me know whether you agree or not.

 Since we were the last film of the evening, we were able to extend our Q and A.  I believe it was around 1:00 am when we were kicked out of the theater (sorry guys) with "You can keep talking, just go outside please.  We have to get up and do this again tomorrow".   Great fun.  Great to go and great to be home.