Monday, June 17, 2013

Diane Mahree is Very Much Alive.

Hello all,
Long time between posts.  We're all so busy these days.  Home projects, Yard work, Gardening, Art shows.  I figured you wouldn't miss me much since you all are just as busy.

A Facebook friend just alerted me to a post on this site

with this message on it

Diane Mahree - April 12, 1940 - December 30, 2007
I just wanted to write a few words about my mother, Diane Mahree. My Mom was one in a million, a very well respected and proud woman, with good values who was dedicated to her family and loved life.
Most people on the Web will remember her as the character Margaret in the cult classic film Manos the Hands of Fate. While many laughed at aspects of this film, I always felt her performance was the redeeming quality, and that she brought tenderness to what many said was just a "B-Movie" role.
The outpouring of support from fans of Manos and of the show Mystery Science Theater has been tremendous. I wish Mom was around to see how many fans have sent flowers and given well wishes to my family. Thank You for keeping us in our thoughts. We appreciate everything you've done. Mom would be proud.
Ruth Mahree Fletcher
January 5 2008

Whoever this Ruth Mahree Fletcher is (if that's even her real name), she is lying.  Diane is very much alive and I spoke with her on the phone this last Saturday for about an hour.  I also saw her in person and spent a week with her in December 2010.  I realize that public figures can't control the terrible things people say about them but you can be sure that when it comes to Manos, I will do my best to ferret out and expose these lies.  I welcome any questions or referrals to other questionable statements about Manos.  

Breathe easy folks.  Diane is alive, still gorgeous and a whole lot of fun to know.  You may just get the chance yourself to know her down the road a little ways.

Until next time.  May the Hand of Manos Bless You and Yours