Thursday, August 23, 2018

Manos Burlesque

Yes.  You read that title correctly.  There is Manos burlesque.

Mystery Science Theater Burlesque to be more precise, but a Manos themed Torgo performance logically had to be included.

I was so honored to be asked to host the MSTease3k show that played in Portland Oregon on August 17th at Crush Bar to a full house and very enthusiastic audience.  I've been to a few shows and have some good friends among the performers but being on stage with them this time was truly special.

In this post, I want to highlight all the performers that night because they are all so amazing.  First of all if you've never been to a burlesque show, it may not be what you imagine.  Of course, it's sexy as all get out but it is so much more.  Burlesque is empowering for not only those on stage, but for us in the audience as well when we see both traditional and non traditional beauty explode onto the stage with an outward shining confidence.  It gives you a feeling that maybe you, yourself might also find courage to step outside the comfort zones in your own life.  Maybe find a way to express your inner creative passions. By the end of the evening, my face hurt from smiling so much and as I looked around I saw a roomful with the same look.

I was invited to host this show by the producer Mona DePlume, a MSTie who created this show for MSTies.  Mona is the Queen of Awkward Boners, known for creating some really trippy and consciousness bending acts that mess with your head.  She has done Bob Ross as a burlesque performance and in this show she portrayed both Rosdower and Torgo.  Mona is also an instructor at the Rose City School of Burlesque and she was a guest on a recent episode of my Jackeys Hand of Horror Podcast.

Another performer is a sweet friend of mine.  We met on facebook years ago because she's a Manos fan and we got talking.  She went on to graduate from both The Rose City School of Burlesque and All That Glitters Academy  then began performing where I got to go see her a few times and became a fan of hers.  For this show, I was proud to introduce her on stage as "The Dizzy Dame with the Dynamite Frame.  It's Loxie Arcane!"   She did a Pearl act with her husband, Mr. Arcane performing as Brain Guy.  Loved it and love how husbands, wives and partners get worked into the act.  Loxie will perform again at Crush Bar on October 13th for That's Monster a Frankenstein Burlesque Story and in  Gods and Monsters Burlesque on October 20th
Baby LeStrange is the Glittering Misfit of Burlesque with a unique and very sexy Queen ant act inspired by MST episode nine, the film Phase IV.  Baby is a longtime Portland performer and can be seen in Renee's Queer Caberet on August 30th  Metalesque Heavy Metal Burlesque show at Dante's on October 4th.

The next performer traveled North from Eugene and performs a fantastic monthly show Miss Minskys Presents with the next one on September 22.  She is Bayou Bettie, The Giantess from Emerald City with the bayou in her blood.  For this MSTease3k show, Bayou Bettie transformed into a most regal and excellent sassiest robot on The Satellite of Love, MST3k Gypsy.

The Superhero of Sparkle was the next performer. Traveling South from Seattle, Washington, Scarlett O'HairDye was thrilled to bring her longtime MSTie dream to the stage.  Space Mutiny...Burlesue Style.
Absolutely click this link to see just some of what this woman an do! Unnatural Redhead Productions

I had a great back stage chat with the Delectable Dynamo - Dominoe Desoto and her Girl in the Golden Boots act was The Bomb.  If you missed this show, go see Dominoe  back at Crush for Totally Naked on September 21st. Dominoe is also a graduate from both the Rose City School of Burlesque and All The Glitters Academy.  You can see her perform again on August 24th in Pink Elephant Caberet at Mission Theater.

Next up was the Bookish Beauty of Burlesque...Lacey Knickers. Lacey did a Kinga character act that wold make the original Kinga blush, but in a good way.  Lacey can be thought of as burlesque for the intellectual.  If you think smart is not sexy,...check this out. Booklovers Burlesque and if you are a child of the 70's and muppets turn you on, this is the show for you.  Glitter Fever Disco Inspired Burlesque September 22.

Beyond all this, I want to thank
Door Madame - Lou Velvet
Stage Kitten - Lascivious Lenore
Lights and Sound - DJ Dom De Plume
...and the support staff at Crush

You can find these and other Portland Oregon Burlesque shows at BurlesquePDX

And check out the Burlesque Episode of my podcast Jackey's Hand of Horror

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