Thursday, December 8, 2016

Headed to Seattle and Tacoma

If you are in the Seattle area or know any crazy Manos fans, send them my way.
On Friday Dec 9th I'll be hanging out at Comics Dungeon for three hours and hoping I won't be alone.  As an author, I've heard those horror stories of book signings where no one shows up.  I will report back next week.  Stay tuned.

Comics Dungeon Book Signing

If you can't make the book signing and/or face to face contact is too much for you, please come watch the beautifully restored HD Bluray of Manos: The Hands of Fate.  You watch it with me or watch me watch it.  Either way is fun and you are are free to Riff it too.  This event is happening Saturday night in Tacoma Washington.  Come for Manos.  Stay for Rocky Horror.

                                         Blue Mouse Theater Manos Event

Ready to hit the road.  I enjoy traveling and meeting fans so if you've got some ideas of venues, just let me know.  Look forward to meeting you someday.  

If you don't live in Washington State or the weather is too crappy to go out, or the scheduling doesn't work, or you just don't want to go anywhere then you can sit in your comfortable home and listen to this awesome Podcast interview by Derek Koch of Monster Kid Radio.  Monster Kid Radio    

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