Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Master's Wives

Whatever happened to the Master's wives?  They seemed to disappear in a wisp of smoke.  Well, not exactly but there they were, in the movie, at the world premire, and then, poof.  Gone.  Never heard from again.  I just think it a bit odd that at this point not one of them has made themselves known.  I would hope that it's not embarrassment that keeps them away.  I consider them to be as innocent as I was.  After all.  They were just young aspiring models looking for a gig. How could they know what they had gotten themselves into until too late?

The women who played the Master's wives in Manos; The Hands of Fate were "hired" from a local El Paso modeling and finishing school.  Mannaquin Manor.  By some twist of ironic fate, my stepfather enrolled me there as a 13th birthday gift.  He thought finishing school would teach my little hippie ass how to be a lady.  I was horrified.
Anyhow, I digress.  The owner of the school was a very proper and matronly type women who was quite protective of "her girls".  I don't think she had any idea of what she was getting her girls into when she agreed to send them out to the shoot.  They were modeling students and had apparently been perfecting the runway walk when called up for the Manos assignment.  I recall Hal directing the scene where the women attack Torgo on the Masters slab of stone bed.  They were almost afraid to touch him and they were most certainly not willing to really hit him, therefore it appears he is receiving a facial massage.  Actually, I'm sure facial massage was one of the finishing school skills they had already obtained, and therefore, was familiar.

The wives dresses initially were designed without the red stripe underneath that somewhat obscures the granny panties.  That piece of cloth was hastily added after the models and their matron complained the costumes were too revealing.  I've read much speculation as to the symbolism of that red stripe.  Although there may be a deeper meaning, the decision to add it was really a case of modesty.

All in all, they were very sweet ladies and if anyone out there knows any of them, I would love to say hi and hear some stories.