Monday, December 23, 2013

Another Manos Film

There are always rumors and snippets and thoughts on the idea of Manos remakes, sequels and
 prequels.  However, the only serious efforts in film that I know of, are the attempt at a sequel "The Search for Valley Lodge" in 2010 and currently a prequel in the works.  Can't say anything yet about the latter but I will tell a story about the former.

I suppose I could think of the sequel as a May December romance, of sorts.  It started with a self named star, director, writer, producer who said he wanted to make this epic film.  Sound familiar?  Funny thing is, both my dad and I said yes to this one too. 
So anyway, this fellow got us to agree to all sorts of things and without any firm promise in return.  My dad was to do a cameo as the aged Master and I was to star as current day grown up Debbie.  He was quite persuasive at first but in a short time we began to question why we had become involved.   We did some filming in Oregon in May of 2010 and then did some more filming in
 El Paso Texas in December of the same year.  Things went down hill after that with money issues,  disagreements and many of the other perils that relationships have.  It ended completely with a paraphrased dialogue that went something like this...
 Him  "If you don't do as I say, you don't have to be part of this project.  We will just go find another Debbie." 
Me "Good luck with that.  I am Debbie"

I know that sounds a bit prima donna of me but if you knew the whole story, you would ask why I didn't stand up for myself sooner.

Anyhow, a lot of good things did come out of that.  I met and re met some really great people and have the honor of remaining friends with many of them.  Diane Mahree, who played my mother in Manos was one.  We spent a week together in El Paso and became good friends.  I met Bryan Jennings, son of the Sheriff in Manos, William Bryan Jennings.  He and I and his wife Wanda continue to meet up at various Manos events around the country.  I also took the opportunity to open doors for healing fractured relationship within my family.  It's not like my family is hanging out now but I did have a nice visit with my dad, The Master, in the meat department at Safeway yesterday afternoon.  He was marveling that a roast could cost nearly $100.00. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Blessings to you all.