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I have been creating art professionally since 1982 beginning with high end hand painted custom silk clothing  and ran my own hand painted clothing business until 1990. I then transitioned into Faux Finishes for the next 20 years where I worked with clients in their homes creating comfortable environments with beautiful custom wall treatments and colors.
In 2009, I began exploring my own art using ideas and technique from my career.  My interest in the environment, in giving new life to cast offs and uncovering the layers of meaning through symbolism, have all culminated in an Art Form where  I take old cabinets or drawer faces, window frames, or doors and  cut them into panels.  Color and oil stains are then applied to add interest to the character of the wood.   I build a raised tinted plaster finish to the panel center and the plaster becomes the painting surface, while the wood door or window becomes the frame around it. 
 Most of my materials come from people who forgot they had these doors and things laying around and rotting away.  They are happy to clear a space and happy that the piece will be useful again.  I feel that I’m re-purposing, preserving a bit of history and creating something new, with each piece becoming a unique one of a kind treasure.

My designs are inspired by personal experience, symbolism and spirituality.  This work is a journey during which universal connections are discovered.  Where, although our stories are different, we can relate through art. 

For videos of some of these pieces please visit the Jackey's Art section of my You Tube Channel

                                                   Jackey Neyman Jones


                                                                       29.5 X 13
                                                $340. includes shipping within the U.S.

Egyptian Geese

Venetian plaster on center panel with acrylic paint and pen

Panel cut from a 100+ year old door.  Inspired by painted wall panels in antient Egypt.  

15" X 47"
$360. includes shipping with U.S.

Dragonfly III
Acrylic on Canvas
34" X 34"
$175. includes shipping with U.S.

Questioning Crow
Venetian plaster and acrylic paint on reclaimed cabinet door
15” X 10”
$125.  includes shipping with U.S.   

Acrylic, pen and ink and Venetian plaster on canvas with old reclaimed window frame.
25 X 40
$360. Includes shipping within U.S.

 Put A Bird On It
Acrylic on canvas
59" X 47" X 1.5" deep
Extra shipping  based on size and weight
email me at jackeyraye@msn.com for details 

A World Away
Acrylic paint on venetian plaster and reclaimed drawer face
8" X 12"
$165. included shipping within U.S.

                                     Venetian plaster on center panel with acrylic paint and pen
                                                   Panel cut from a 100+ year old door
                                                                        29.5" X 13.5"

$340. Includes shipping within U.S.

Dream Monster
Acrylic and ink on canvas.
Framed with half of old door frame.
48 X 36 inches
$420.  Extra shipping  based on 30 pound weight
email me at jackeyraye@msn.com for details 

Venetian plaster and acrylic on half a 100 year old door
36" X 34"
$390. plus extra shipping based on 10 pound weight
email me at jackeyraye@msn.com for details


15" X 47"

Thoughts are Things

13" X 29"

Beseeching Knowledge



Raven and Wolf


Phoenix Rising


Eagles Gift


Life to the Fullest




Wisdom in all Directions



Not For Sale



The Watcher


Hopi Prophecy


Crow I


Crow II


Sunflower Door (Front)


36" X 36"


2' X 6'

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