Thursday, January 24, 2013

Debbie's Back in the World.

I'm back after more than two weeks of not posting.  Life's certainly been interesting and challenging lately, beginning with a case of empty nest syndrome when my youngest son left for California.  A few days later, an electrical fire nearly caused my house to burn just as my little dog Shanka and I were waking up in the morning. The very next day my neck and back went out accompanied by a pinched nerve For The Second Time In Six Weeks!  OMG!  The pain was second only to giving birth to both my children...simultaneously.  O.K.  Not that bad, but close.   So...after being trapped in bed for a week (Shanka loved it.  Captive owner), I'm up, gingerly moving around and ready to manifest the plans I developed while horizontal.

The reasons I'm sharing all this, besides explaining why I hadn't posted in two weeks is to say that many of these plans include Manos, The Hands of Fate.  I love Manos.  I love the creativity it inspires.  I love the fans and what a vibrant, varied and engaging community they are.  I love being a part of Pop Culture and exploring a world that is new to me.  I love what all this has done to bring my dad "The Master" and I closer together again.  There seem to be new things coming up every week about Manos.  New fan art.   Youtube videos.  The game.  The Restoration.  People in costume.  Comic Strips (Sally Worth), A mention in "How I met your Mother".  Podcasts... and of course the ones who brought it back from the dead in the first place.  MST3000.  Manos became so popular that Rifftrax did a live Manos show in Nashville on Aug 16th 2011 with all new jokes.  They simulcast it to 500 hundred theaters around the country.   Tonight, they are bringing it back to the theaters once more for a "Best of Rifftrax Live" with "Manos".  To find out more or to order tickets, follow the link Best of Rifftrax Live

On a last note for today.  Check out this great t shirt.  I always loved the artwork from the Richard Brandt article titled "Growing up Manos"  (You can read it on my press page) and thought it would look awesome on a tshirt so I contacted the artist Brad W. Foster to ask permission and guess what?  Check it out!  Available on ebay.  Manos T Shirt

Hope you can make it to the Rifftrax show tonight.  I'll be watching from Salem, Oregon.  Maybe Rifftrax will release it on DVD so everyone can see it.