Saturday, February 27, 2016

Kickstarter Countdown! Tuesday March 1st Online Party!

The Kickstarter Countdown Event

Welcome to the Weekend, MANOS Fans!

Weve been quiet for a few days, because we wanted to give you a bit of a break after the big push to beat the funding challenge. But now we are back and in the Last 3 Days of the Campaign, so its No. Sleep. TIL MANOS!

The Kickstarter Countdown Event
We hereby cordially invite you all to our live streaming event to celebrate our successful campaign! We thought it would be fun if we all got together and watched some MANOS. Tune in Tuesday, March 1st, starting at 6pm PST and join Jackey, Tonjia and the whole MANOS Returns crew as we countdown the final moments of our Kickstarter campaign and announce the grand total live!

Watch online here:
Comment and tweet along as we watch the puppet musical MANOS -The Hands of Felt followed by a quality non MST version of MANOS - The Hands of Fate that we can riff together.

Sponsored by our friends at From Dusk Til Con Radio and

No Stopping the Stover
Were obviously really excited to have artists from the original MANOS - Tom Neyman, Nicki Mathis and Jackey - joining us for MANOS Returns. And we hope to be able to stretch our budget to include even more - Diane Mahree, Bryan Jennings and soundtrack musician Curt Warren.

But we have another genuine B Movie Cult Star joining our cast: The incredible George Stover!

Basically if youve seen any John Waters or Don Dohler, youve encountered George. Or is youve seen Cinematic Titanics riff of The Alien Factor. George is a massively versatile actor with a well-honed sardonic sense of humor and we are beyond excited that he wants to be part of MANOS Returns. Check out this trailer from the upcoming documentary about him, No Stopping the Stover, to learn more.

We are so close to the end of this Kickstarter and, as I type this, so close to achieving our first Stretch Goal: a second Nicki Mathis song for All Backer Levels! Please, please keep sharing our project. Every little bit we can add to our budget will help us make a better movie. Lets make these final 3 days the best 3 days!
- Jackey

p.s. Please share these ready-made posts today!

B-movie star George Stover is in @ManosReturns?! Join him & make the sequel awesome!

Back @ManosReturns today and then join us Tues @ 6pm PST to countdown to the grand total live!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Torgometer Hits 100%!!

What a week it's been.  In the last few days, our Manos Returns kickstarter hit our goal of $24,000. a full 7 days before the end of the campaign.

A huge boost came by way of an interview with CNET

and then another great boost this morning on

If you want to go straight to the Manos interview skip to 37:45

as of this moment (looks at watch) we are funded

which means that YAY, we are making a movie and we believe that you are going to really enjoy it.  We still have 5 more days on 

until March 1 Tuesday 9pm PST

and we have some very cool stretch goals so we can make this an even better film.  Talent equals a lot but talent and more money equal better.  Keep sharing and keep giving!
The Master Approves!!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Torgo's Staff returns to Manos Returns

It's not apparent at first glance that my dad Tom Neyman, who played The Master in Manos The Hands of Fate in 1966 was a tremendously talented guy, but he was.  He was a kind of rock star in community theater in El Paso 1965 to 1972 until he left for California and other opportunities.  He played the lead in a number of plays at the Festival Theater now renamed The El Paso Playhouse.  Man of La Mancha, The prime of Miss Jean Brody, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Camelot, Arsenic and Old Lace to name only a few.  He was also an artist who worked in any medium he was interested in trying.  In Manos The Hands of Fate, my dad created all the art, props, and some costumes including The Masters robe, the wives gowns and Torgo's outfit.  Some of the sculpture of hands was already created in his body of work and other things he made especially for the film.  The Master and Dog painting and Torgo's staff are two of the props that are most iconic.  I, in turn followed my dad down the art path with the idea that I could do anything and with the same curiosity and interest in doing many different things.  I'm not a girl who shys away from a challenge.  Unfortunately, none of that art is in the possession of our family and so, I decided to recreate some of dad's works as close to the original as I can from photographs and memories of sitting in his studio and studying his method while he worked on an art project or ran his lines for the next play. 
In 2012 I produced one version of his painting to use as a Portland Oregon comedy stage production of Manos and to offer as prints
and then, two weeks ago, I created a second one to use as a prop in our new film Manos Returns and as prints for backer rewards on our Kickstarter crowdfunding.  I knew we would need a Torgo staff for a prop as well and took up the challenge to make it myself.  With my boyfriend's help and welding equipment, we got some 16 gauge steel and got busy.  I loved making them and I love how they turned out.  As close to the original as I can recall and made by me, The Master's daughter.

We made 18 total.  15 for Kickstarter backer rewards. One for the film prop.  One for me and one for my boyfriend in appreciation for making it possible to create them.

Our Kickstarter is very near funding with 8 days to go and I'm so proud to be part of this cool project with the opportunity to work with such a talented production team.  Check us out, share and support so we can bring you a quality fun fan film while honoring Manos and the original surviving cast in the spirit of Indie film.  Manos Returns Kickstarter

Debbie from Hands of Felt with Rachel Jackson

 "Forgetting You" and Manos soundtrack is being recreated by Cory Fujimori

...and if you read this before 9pm Tuesday Feb 23rd 1016, get us to our goal early to get in on some cool new perks

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Manos Loves Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, 

Hope you and all your Brides or you and your Master are having a lovely romantic day.  It will be dark soon!

I've been very busy the last few weeks keeping up with all the attention coming with the launch of the Manos Returns sequel Kickstarter 
Manos Returns Kickstarter
 and here we are at the halfway point of our campaign, which just happens to be Valentines Day.  A good day to return a little of the Manos love with the return of the MANOS Returns T-Shirt
The Master t-shirts from our fundraiser to pay my dad and get his scenes filmed last fall were very popular, but were available for such a limited time that a lot of people missed out on their chance to get one so here they are again, but for only a couple weeks. Check out all the cool perks on our kickstarter that come with your shirt too. 

New!  The Little Debbie Shirt 
While plenty of you are excited for the return of The Master, don't forget about me. Our second mid-point celebration t-shirt features a haunting portrait of Debbie from the cover of my upcoming book “Growing up with Manos the Hands of Fate" in black on a red 100% cotton high quality t-shirt.  I love this Badass artwork by artist Phil Dragash and really can't wait to get my Debbie Shirt. It's definitely not just for girls!

- T-Shirt Add Ons: If you've backed us at levels $50 (Signed Script) through $275 and need a t-shirt, you can add one on by adding $25 more to your pledge.
- We Got Blu-Rays: Due to popular demand, we've added some new rewards featuring Blu-Rays at level $40 and $55.
- Blu-Ray Add Ons: Also, anyone backing at levels $50 (Signed Script) through $275 can turn their DVD into a Blu-Ray by adding $5 more to their pledge.
- More Signed Scripts: Also due to popular demand, we've increased the number of Signed Shooting Scripts (level $50) we're offering. Get yours before we run out for good.
I finished my version of my dad's iconic painting of The Master and Dog this week.  I think it came out pretty good.  We'll be using this one as a prop in our film but for the lower perk levels you can get a download for wallpaper or a 11 X 14 print of your very own.  Shouldn't everyone have The Master watching over them with approval?  
Jackey with her Master and Dog painting

As of this moment, The Torgometer just now hit the 70% level!  Can we get it to 80% by the end of MANOS Monday?  With your help, yes we can!
The Torgometer

Thank you so much for anything you can do in supporting MANOS Returns. Please share our campaign on social media. We think plenty of people would like to help MANOS come back and I hope you will help.  Word of mouth is a powerful tool.

 Here are some posts you can share

Support indie cinema, get great perks, & celebrate Women in Horror in one donation. Kickstart @ManosReturns

@ManosReturns just added fabulous new t-shirts to their Kickstarter. Support them at

That question mark at The End? of MANOS deserves an answer. Help Kickstart the sequel @MANOSReturns

Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Master Speaks!

This week our Torgometer blasted to, and past the 60% level.  We are currently 66% and the next level is within our grasp before the coming weekend with the wonderful support we are finding among our project backers and in the fan world at large.  Our most sincere thanks and gratitude!  Please... Please keep spreading the word of Manos far and wide! 

The personal journey of beginning this project was both frightening and exhilarating.  I wondered if I would be able to do something wonderful for my dad and something equally fun for the fans.  I clearly knew that alone, I could not do more than dream.  Once again I invoke the Will of Manos.  Never in my life have things conspired to follow a particular path.  I have learned that my job is simply to follow it.  What an amazing journey with a fabulous production team this has become.
Check out our Writer/editor Steve Foley's new promo video.  I love it!  The Master Speaks!
Yesterday, I finished the Master and Dog painting that we will be using in Manos Returns.  As many of you know, my dad The Master painted the original painting along with doing all the artwork and most of the costuming.  Some of his work including the iconic painting went home with the director of the original Manos The Hands of Fate,  so now, as an artist myself, I am re creating a few of dad's pieces to use in the film and to offer as Kickstarter perks.   Hint: Check out the Limited Edition Torgo staff in the perks! 

Jackey and her Master painting
Jackey and her Master painting
 ...and in case you missed it, Tonjia Atomic and I had a great live interview with Final Cut.  You can watch and listen here.  I love the acknowledgement to Tonjia for being a rare woman in horror film.  She is a trail blazer and I'm proud to be on her team.
Stay tuned to the project.  We are announcing some cool new swag on Valentine's Day for all who love Manos!  I know I want some!!
Manos Returns Kickstarter

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Manos Returns Kickstarter is 36% funded in a few days

As terrifying as it is to put myself out there so publicly and with a project that has the potential to draw scrutiny from fans and detractors of Manos, I still felt it had to be done, and so far no one else had.  The other thing is, that if my dad were to be part of the project and have an opportunity to see it finished, time was of the essence.  Dad is 80 and although he is one tough old bird, we are all mortal.   A sequel to Manos was in the works…again.  Way back in 2010 another sequel had been planned and even partially executed.  Part of what was filmed were my dad’s scenes and some other scenes that included other key people of Manos.  That project never got finished and never will.  The guy putting that together burned every bridge he walked across it seemed, in the debacle that was the first attempt at a sequel to Manos.   It was a big disappointment to all the people who had already put so much into it and I was sorely disappointed that I had dragged dad into something he would never see a benefit from doing.  A deeper sore point that it was Manos related and dad had only done it for me. 
  Fast forward to 2015 and much has happened in the interim.  Rachel Jackson’s Manos Hands of Felt in Seattle Washington, Manos The Hands of Fate as a stage production by Brian Koch in Portland Oregon, The Restoration of the original film in Blu-ray by Ben Solovey,  a prequel by David Roy titled The Rise of Torgo in postproduction.  And I wrote a book, Growing Up With Manos The Hands of Fate which will be available for sale within months.

Manos has given me opportunity to meet and collaborate with so many interesting and talented people and somehow during the journey, the right group of creative successful people just fell together and decided it was time to make a sequel.   We say it’s the will of MANOS and we’re kind of kidding, but we’re also kind of not. It's very strange how MANOS makes things happen, but we know enough by now to just go with it.

 A few days ago as we prepared to launch our Manos Returns Kickstarter on Friday the 29th, I felt sick.  I thought "What if me and a few crazy friends are the only ones that believe this is a cool thing to do?  What about my reputation?"  and then my very next thought was, "What reputation?  Geez Jackey, look what you're known for, after all."  and then I was fine.  So we launched and the thing  just took off.   Whether you love Manos or love to hate it, you have an opinion and the fans are speaking.  We are on the fourth day and as of this writing, we are 36% funded and coming up on $9000.00, and because of you, our project is #8 most popular in Kickstarter Film and Video projects.

This photo was last night before going to bed exhausted and happy.

We have a ways to go for our base goal and if we want to make our dream movie it's going to take more than that.  Please keep sharing and helping us get the word out so we can bring you the best fan film possible.

Manos Returns Kickstarter

Thank you so very much for your support.