Saturday, December 15, 2012

Extremely limited Manos Posters available. Only here, Only now

In response to the many requests from fans for Manos memorabilia and autographed items, I'll begin posting offers as they become available.  These will include artwork, photos and a few other ideas we're working on.  

To start with, I obtained a few of these new spiffy movie posters from the Rifftrax Live Manos the Hands of Fate show on Aug 16th.  I also talked my dad, The Master into signing them and I will also sign them and personalize them for you. 16 posters in all have been signed and some already distributed. Only 5 of these are now available for sale and this is the only place they will be offered.  So...ready...set...Go.

                                                                 27 X 40 inches
                                                            $95.00 plus shipping
                                                           I will ship international