Thursday, October 24, 2013

Manos Podcast Interviews

As you all should know by now, get me talking on the subject of Manos and you can hardly shut me up.  Very fortunate for me, there are now enough Manos fans out there, that when some of you start to feel you've heard enough, there are new ones to step in and give you a rest without me ever having to break stride.  But then again, you folks are resilient and perhaps a bit masochistic.  You are Manos fans, after all.
Todays post delivers a challenge to the most devoted of you.  Three, one hour Podcast interviews about Manos. Can you do it?  They cover some of the same material with a different twist and each have unique insights and stories.  Thanks to all who's interest and questions have fueled the growing databank of knowledge we now have for this film, and for providing me so much pleasure in sharing it.