Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Manos Returns Kickstarter is 36% funded in a few days

As terrifying as it is to put myself out there so publicly and with a project that has the potential to draw scrutiny from fans and detractors of Manos, I still felt it had to be done, and so far no one else had.  The other thing is, that if my dad were to be part of the project and have an opportunity to see it finished, time was of the essence.  Dad is 80 and although he is one tough old bird, we are all mortal.   A sequel to Manos was in the works…again.  Way back in 2010 another sequel had been planned and even partially executed.  Part of what was filmed were my dad’s scenes and some other scenes that included other key people of Manos.  That project never got finished and never will.  The guy putting that together burned every bridge he walked across it seemed, in the debacle that was the first attempt at a sequel to Manos.   It was a big disappointment to all the people who had already put so much into it and I was sorely disappointed that I had dragged dad into something he would never see a benefit from doing.  A deeper sore point that it was Manos related and dad had only done it for me. 
  Fast forward to 2015 and much has happened in the interim.  Rachel Jackson’s Manos Hands of Felt in Seattle Washington, Manos The Hands of Fate as a stage production by Brian Koch in Portland Oregon, The Restoration of the original film in Blu-ray by Ben Solovey,  a prequel by David Roy titled The Rise of Torgo in postproduction.  And I wrote a book, Growing Up With Manos The Hands of Fate which will be available for sale within months.

Manos has given me opportunity to meet and collaborate with so many interesting and talented people and somehow during the journey, the right group of creative successful people just fell together and decided it was time to make a sequel.   We say it’s the will of MANOS and we’re kind of kidding, but we’re also kind of not. It's very strange how MANOS makes things happen, but we know enough by now to just go with it.

 A few days ago as we prepared to launch our Manos Returns Kickstarter on Friday the 29th, I felt sick.  I thought "What if me and a few crazy friends are the only ones that believe this is a cool thing to do?  What about my reputation?"  and then my very next thought was, "What reputation?  Geez Jackey, look what you're known for, after all."  and then I was fine.  So we launched and the thing  just took off.   Whether you love Manos or love to hate it, you have an opinion and the fans are speaking.  We are on the fourth day and as of this writing, we are 36% funded and coming up on $9000.00, and because of you, our project is #8 most popular in Kickstarter Film and Video projects.

This photo was last night before going to bed exhausted and happy.

We have a ways to go for our base goal and if we want to make our dream movie it's going to take more than that.  Please keep sharing and helping us get the word out so we can bring you the best fan film possible.

Manos Returns Kickstarter

Thank you so very much for your support.