Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Debbie Does Colorado

Hey all.  Sorry I skipped out on writing last week.  You know how sometimes you've just got so much going on but you just don't have time and don't know what to say about it?  It's kind of like that.
                                  I've been very busy getting my art studio

 and sewing rooms together so things can actually happen in an organized fashion.
 Most of my dining room is now a film and photo set for my YouTube/JackeyNeymanJones channel.

 My daughter in law, Iesha and I have been working on that for about three weeks now and will begin posting new things on the Jackey's Art section  a couple times a week starting tomorrow 10/4/18.  Please check it out, subscribe and let me know what you think.
I've got a trip to Colorado planned in a couple weeks to record in person for The Revival League Podcast .  On Friday night October 19th I will attend The Mads show at the Denver Alamo Draft House The Mads Are Back and on Sunday October 21th from 2 to 5pm, I will be doing a book signing for my book Growing Up With Manos The Hands Of Fate in Ft. Collins Colorado at The Gorehounds Playground .  If you are near that area, I hope you can come by and visit with me.
I've also finally decided to get my next book idea together.  It it titled "For The Love Of Manos" and is a collection of stories from Manos fans.  If you have a story of love that involves Manos, please be sure to let me know.  I would love to consider it for the book.
The latest episode of my Jackey's Hand of Horror Podcast will air on the evening of Thursday 10/04/18.  It will be a special very personal episode and one I gave much thought to sharing. I hope it makes a difference for someone somewhere.

See you next week.