Sunday, February 14, 2016

Manos Loves Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, 

Hope you and all your Brides or you and your Master are having a lovely romantic day.  It will be dark soon!

I've been very busy the last few weeks keeping up with all the attention coming with the launch of the Manos Returns sequel Kickstarter 
Manos Returns Kickstarter
 and here we are at the halfway point of our campaign, which just happens to be Valentines Day.  A good day to return a little of the Manos love with the return of the MANOS Returns T-Shirt
The Master t-shirts from our fundraiser to pay my dad and get his scenes filmed last fall were very popular, but were available for such a limited time that a lot of people missed out on their chance to get one so here they are again, but for only a couple weeks. Check out all the cool perks on our kickstarter that come with your shirt too. 

New!  The Little Debbie Shirt 
While plenty of you are excited for the return of The Master, don't forget about me. Our second mid-point celebration t-shirt features a haunting portrait of Debbie from the cover of my upcoming book “Growing up with Manos the Hands of Fate" in black on a red 100% cotton high quality t-shirt.  I love this Badass artwork by artist Phil Dragash and really can't wait to get my Debbie Shirt. It's definitely not just for girls!

- T-Shirt Add Ons: If you've backed us at levels $50 (Signed Script) through $275 and need a t-shirt, you can add one on by adding $25 more to your pledge.
- We Got Blu-Rays: Due to popular demand, we've added some new rewards featuring Blu-Rays at level $40 and $55.
- Blu-Ray Add Ons: Also, anyone backing at levels $50 (Signed Script) through $275 can turn their DVD into a Blu-Ray by adding $5 more to their pledge.
- More Signed Scripts: Also due to popular demand, we've increased the number of Signed Shooting Scripts (level $50) we're offering. Get yours before we run out for good.
I finished my version of my dad's iconic painting of The Master and Dog this week.  I think it came out pretty good.  We'll be using this one as a prop in our film but for the lower perk levels you can get a download for wallpaper or a 11 X 14 print of your very own.  Shouldn't everyone have The Master watching over them with approval?  
Jackey with her Master and Dog painting

As of this moment, The Torgometer just now hit the 70% level!  Can we get it to 80% by the end of MANOS Monday?  With your help, yes we can!
The Torgometer

Thank you so much for anything you can do in supporting MANOS Returns. Please share our campaign on social media. We think plenty of people would like to help MANOS come back and I hope you will help.  Word of mouth is a powerful tool.

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