Monday, January 6, 2014

Manos Story: List of Posts

Here's your chance to see the list of all my Manos Blog posts so far with convenient links to each post. 
Thanks so much for reading and I look forward to our Manos journey in 2014!

October 9, 2012          Part 1. The inside story of Manos: The Hands of Fate

October 11,                   Part 2. The inside story of Manos: The Hands of Fate

October 13,                   John Reynolds/Torgo Story 1  

October 16,                   Torgos Death Anniversary

October 18,                   Manos Tidbits of Info

October 23,                   The Masters Wives

October 25,                   The Masters "Hand" in Making Manos

October 31,                   1966 World Premiere of Manos Hands of Fate

November 2, 2012       Hero Massaged to Death in Manos

November 3,                 Hotel Torgo

November 8,                The Master Creator

November 13,               Manos VS Curse of Bigfoot

November 16,              What a Long Strange Trip it's been.  Manos Style

November 23,              Happy Birthday Master

December 4, 2012      Debbie Does Los Angeles

December 12,              The Official World Premiere of Manos

December 13,              The Continuing Story of Hotel Torgo

December 18,              Growing Up Manos

December 26,              Dedicated to Hal

January 7, 2013         Manos Hands of Fate Puppet Theater

January 24,                  Debbies Back in the World

January 31,                  Diane Mahree is With Us. She is With Us Always

February 6,                How Diane Met Hal

February 14,                Howdy Sheriff

February 15,                Great Article in My Local Paper

March 5,                     Manos On Stage in Portland

March 12,                    Manos/ Route 66 TV Show Connection

March 19,                    Diane. The Texas Beauty Queen

March 26,                    Manos Fame Continues

April 9,                       The Masters Other Life

April 19,                      Debbie Does Portland

April 26,                      The Blessings of Manos

April 28,                      How it all Began 

May 17,                      Manos; Hands of felt Kickstarter

June 17,                      Diane Mahree is Very Much Alive

June 21,                      "Recasting Manos" A Graphic Novel

July 13,                       Tom and Jackey Raye Neyman Present Day

August 2,                    Debbie Answers a Few Questions

August 5,                    Debbies Seattle Appearances

September 6,              Debbie Does Seattle

September 13,            Debbie and The Master Watch Manos Together

September 19,            Before Manos

September 26,            When Things Fall Apart

October 3,                  Torgos Burning Hand

October 11,                John Reynolds as Torgo

October 17,                The One and Only Master

October 24,                Manos Podcast Interviews

November 1,              Manos Happenings

November 15,            Happy 47th Anniversary, Manos

November 22,            Happy Birthday, The Master

November 28,            The Hands of Fate Wish You a Great Thanksgiving Day

December 13,             Happy Manos Holidays

December 23,             Another Manos Film



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