Sunday, June 13, 2021

A Whole New Manos World

"...What a world it has been since last creating much of anything.  Have been aware that I hadn't written.  I hadn't created art.  I hadn't dreamed.  My therapist says I do dream but just haven't been remembering."  
At this moment it feels right to write but not sure where to start or who may be interested. The inspirational messages lately have been to move forward every day in some way but so many days seem to be pretty damn small steps.  It's something, anyway.  
My Spirit has been constipated.   My body is exhausted, but am beginning to dream again.  Just small every day happenings like talking to my mom about something she found.  I'll think about having that conversation and then realizing it couldn't have happened since she's been gone so many years.
Being kinder to myself.  Giving time to becoming more aware and allowing coincedence to happen. 

Dad's advice when I was a teenager was this.  "The Universe is going to keep giving you the lessons you are here to learn.  It often begins with a small nudge, then a flick to the temple and progresses from there"   I am a very stubborn human and that traight has served me, as well as struggle that may not have been necessary.  Aw well.  Live and learn.                                                                             

Here are some of the things that I've participated in the last surprisingly short time.  Last month I headed from Western Oregon to Yosemite California area to film the pilot episode of Manos: The Debbie Chronicles  .  Had a great time and got to hang out with an amazing cast and crew.  We are currently looking for a distributor and looking forward to creating more episodes.  Looking forward to telling you more about it.  See? Already more to talk about.
Immediately after getting home from California at 10:00pm, I threw a load of laundry in washer, went to bed.  Then got up in the morning. repacked car and headed out for a small part in another film project in a very remote part of Idaho. Turned off the main highway after Boise and headed in the general direction of Canada and Montana.  If I hadn't known better, I would have thought I was being sent out to a real life Manos situation.  If fact, the town that was the base for filming is just over 500 people. The town I live in is 1000, and I thought that was small.   So honored to work with another really great cast and crew on Under Three Moons,   
Looking forward to sharing more on that too.

Just a few days after getting home again, I filmed with Joe Sherlock, one of our producers and the Director of Photography for Manos Returns, which, by the way is on Amazon Prime Manos Returns 
I've been in several of Joes very fun horror films over the years  This time I get to be a host for a show about serial killers and this may be the first one I haven't died in. Joe made the filming for this as easy for me as he could. He came out to my little town and met me at the park on the river.  Our good friend Rick came to assist.

I've been taking acting classes from my dear friend Lisa Ovies and the incredible instructors at her school based out of Vancouver, BC.   That opportunity in itself is remarkable.  Many businesses have had to adjust and make a lot of change to survive. Lisa and her team shifted the studio to online workshops.  Those workshops at Rogue Studioswould be impossible for me to attend from Oregon if not for technology... Just saying.  Check them out. 

Talk to you all soon, and will expand on all the above. :)  If you like my story, please follow.
Thanks for reading. 

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