Tuesday, September 18, 2018

I've Got a YouTube Channel

Hey all,
I have been totally immersed in a new and involved project lately and apologize for not writing during that time.  This project opens a whole new world of expression that gives me a  platform for many of the ways I create and I want to share my beginning steps with you now. You Tube has had my attention for some time, as it has many, many peoples attention and that increased alot when I had an opportunity to go to an event a couple months ago at YouTube Space LA where I met a number of successful YouTubers and hear a few of their stories.  I left energized and inspired and thinking about how I could build my own channel as a way to express myself in ways I always only imagined was possible.
So I went to school on it while thinking of what type of content to post and how to even begin.  As chance or fate would arrange it, my daughter in law would be with me for almost four hours every day during the week while her son, my grandson is in pre school and she is with the baby, my granddaughter. We decided to work together and it turns out she has mad video and computer skills.  We make a crazy amazing team in my book.  Anyhow, I will keep this short today because I would like to think my You Tube channel will speak for itself.  Remember, this is just the beginning and I ask you to please "Like" and "Subscribe"  and help me build my YouTube empire.  It will only get more entertaining.  I promise.
Thank You So Much!

                          Jackey Neyman Jones YouTube

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