Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Debbie Does San Diego Comic Con

I just got back from my epic Southern California trip yesterday afternoon.  Three weeks all together and I interviewed six different people for my Jackey's Hand of Horror podcast including Dwane Whitaker, the pawn shop dealer in Pulp Fiction.  I only say that for reference.  Dwane and I had a great chat on a number of subjects.  That episode will air on Thursday July 26th.   https://soundcloud.com/handofhorropodcast

I had an amazing last minute opportunity to attend a panel at the Los Angeles You Tube Space that was moderated by Felicia Day, who I was honored to meet and chat with briefly afterward.  The panel was "The All Female Showrunners Panel" and included Willow Polson who is creating the new project we're working on.  I talk a bit about that a couple blog posts ago.

For the big event, I attended San Diego Comic Con last Thurday, Friday and Saturday as part of the Pulsar Entertainment booth to promote the upcoming Web Series and Comic Book titled Manos: The Debbie Chronicles.
It was an incredible experience in so many ways.  Was a blast hanging out at the table and seeing how many people figured out that I was the little girl in Manos and The Master is my dad.  Wish I had a Go Pro set up to get the reactions, as it would make a funny compilation of surprised expressions.
The networking over those three days was more than hoped for and will take some time to absorb and organize.  The energy, crush of people, sound and visuals were at a constant maximum making the whole event both exhilerating and exhausting.  Fortunately, the two day drive home to Oregon gave me some good time to reflect and sort it out. 

Just got back yesterday afternoon and am already hitting the ground running.  Much to do for all that is coming. 

Enjoy the photos of San Diego Comic Con and I'll be back next Torgo Tuesday.

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