Thursday, March 30, 2017

A Year of Manos

So much has happened in the Manos world in just the last year and few months.

 My new book Growing Up With Manos The Hands Of Fate. How I was the child star of the worst movie ever and lived to tell the story co authored by Laura Mazzuca Toops and forward by MST3k creator Joel Hodgson has earned five stars on Amazon. I love that readers are getting the book in just the way I intended and that they are so open and gracious with their responses to it. I am inspired and have begun my next book, "For The Love of Manos". A book of stories of love inspired by and involving Manos. It will begin with my own Manos love story. The one of my dad and I and of the opportunities Manos gave us to come together again after so many years of separation.

In May I attended Crypticon Seattle as a Special Guest for the first time as a Special Guest at any Con.  I had more fun than I could have imagined and soaked up every moment and every encounter with fans and new friends.  Cassandra Peterson /Elvira Mistress of the Dark was there as a guest also and seemed as happy to meet me as I was her although I doubt she had the geekout mental moment I did.  She loved Manos and asked a number of behind the scenes questions.

In October I drove up to Tacoma and Seattle Washington from my home in Oregon for a book signing at Comic Dungeon in Seattle and a Restoration screening and appearance at The Blue Mouse Theater

A sequel film that stars remaining living cast members of the original film, Jackey (Debbie), Tom Neyman (The Master) and Diane Mahree (Margaret). Manos Returns is currently in post production after a successful kickstarter last fall and followed by filming last summer.   Bryan Jennings, the son of the original Sheriff is also involved as an Executive Producer and is our new Sheriff. There is so much to tell of this story and will soon be a blog post unto itself.

The Chicago Music Box screened The Restoration on November 11th and invited me to attend.  The son of the Original Director of Photography Bob Guidry showed up as did original soundtrack vocalist Nicki Mathis and my co author Laura Mazucca Toops for a fun evening of greeting fans and Q and A onstage after the show.

I had a book signing scheduled at Bucket O Blood bookstore for the 13th and planned to enjoy Chicago on my day off. On the evening of the 12th, I got a terrible call from the hospital in Salem Oregon from a nurse asking me if I could call code on my father because they could reach no one else and he wasn't going to survive. She told me if she were with me, I would get a big hug and how sorry she was. It was a sleepless night and rough next day but I had a book signing to do and my dad would have been appalled if I had gone all that way and then cancelled because of him...So I went. I had little time to warn anyone other than the bookstore owners and somehow found balance and strength in the outpouring of love and support at the event. I had a Podcast also scheduled and we decided to go ahead with it and make it a tribute to dad. I am so glad we did and I hope you enjoy it.

Kickseat Podcast The Will of Manos

Mystery Science Theater held their annual Turkey Day Awards on November 24th just one day after what would have been dad's 81st birthday. Jonah Ray and Joel Hodgson announced the fans had voted and declared Manos The Hands of Fate as the All Time Fan Favorite.

Manos Returns director Tonjia Atomic, one of Manos Returns new star Nuria Aguilar and I had a lifetime experience of attending the Bring Back Mystery Science Theater screening of the first new episode at the Hollywood premiere in March where we met Joel Hodgson in person and got to meet some of the new stars of the new show, including Baron Vaghn and Jonah Ray.

Turned out Jonah and his wife are big Manos fans and even dressed up as The Master and Torgo for Halloween the year before.

When MST3k classic episodes released on Netflix just two weeks ago, Manos appeared listed as the number one episode of season one. My boyfriend was clicking around Netflix when he became a bit unnerved to see dad staring down at him.


These are the main high lights of my own Manos experiences. Other projects have been created and finished. Steven Sullivans books  and the new coloring book by Jordan Colton Manos Coloring Book and these beautiful hand painted nesting dolls.  Manos Nesting Dolls  I have my own set!

Out of overwhelmingly positive experiences for all there is a dark cloud.  If you love Manos and if you believe that things that have only found their path through the freedom of Public Domain should remain available for creativity, then please spend a few more minutes looking at our campaign to oppose one individual from having the Trademark of the title Manos The Hands of Fate.  To hear me speak on the subject, I have a short interview with the Revival League Podcast here >

Our Go Fund Me campaign is more than halfway to the goal but time is of the essence.  Please donate and share.  Any donation over $5. gets you a download of Manos Returns remake of a favorite song from the Manos soundtrack.  “Baby Do a Thing With Me” .  

Go Fund Me Manos Fate     #KeepManosFree

Couple more fun things below...just in case you haven't had enough of me for one day.

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