Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Master Speaks!

This week our Torgometer blasted to, and past the 60% level.  We are currently 66% and the next level is within our grasp before the coming weekend with the wonderful support we are finding among our project backers and in the fan world at large.  Our most sincere thanks and gratitude!  Please... Please keep spreading the word of Manos far and wide! 

The personal journey of beginning this project was both frightening and exhilarating.  I wondered if I would be able to do something wonderful for my dad and something equally fun for the fans.  I clearly knew that alone, I could not do more than dream.  Once again I invoke the Will of Manos.  Never in my life have things conspired to follow a particular path.  I have learned that my job is simply to follow it.  What an amazing journey with a fabulous production team this has become.
Check out our Writer/editor Steve Foley's new promo video.  I love it!  The Master Speaks!
Yesterday, I finished the Master and Dog painting that we will be using in Manos Returns.  As many of you know, my dad The Master painted the original painting along with doing all the artwork and most of the costuming.  Some of his work including the iconic painting went home with the director of the original Manos The Hands of Fate,  so now, as an artist myself, I am re creating a few of dad's pieces to use in the film and to offer as Kickstarter perks.   Hint: Check out the Limited Edition Torgo staff in the perks! 

Jackey and her Master painting
Jackey and her Master painting
 ...and in case you missed it, Tonjia Atomic and I had a great live interview with Final Cut.  You can watch and listen here.  I love the acknowledgement to Tonjia for being a rare woman in horror film.  She is a trail blazer and I'm proud to be on her team.
Stay tuned to the project.  We are announcing some cool new swag on Valentine's Day for all who love Manos!  I know I want some!!
Manos Returns Kickstarter

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