Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Hands of Fate Wish You a Great Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving to all, whether you celebrate for traditional reasons or make your own traditions.
Today I am thankful for many many things and before this day passes I want Manos fans to know how thankful I am for how great you all are.  I've met the most interesting people through this experience of being part of Manos: The Hands of Fate.  You come from every demographic.  Young, old, rich, poor, conservative, liberal and everything in between and yet you have a common link in "off the main path film".  You are quirky with a great sense of "Cosmic Humor".  I love your insights, observations and conversations.  You have enriched my life and infused it with more joy than I thought possible.  You are a fun crazy extended sort of family and I thank you.

For fun, I wanted to share a couple questions that came my way through a MST3K Discussion Board

 A lot of folks, J&TBs included, were squicked-out by the sight of you becoming one of the Master's Wives despite being a cute little child. In the movie, was the Master supposed to be a pedophile or was he simply saving little Debbie for later when she grew up?

I will have an opportunity to read the original script soon and I hope to find much enlightenment there.  It certainly does freak people out when they see sweet little Debbie dressed as a wife.  I'm thinking the idea was purely for shock value and that Hal wanted to leave that to the audience to decide, which displays an odd sort of genius...or, just a sick mind.  Lol.

Also, didn't it feel kind of weird having that happen to your character when the nefarious Master was played by your dad. I know it's just acting and two were playing different imaginary people but as a CHILD, did it seem kinda...weird?

I was accustomed to my dad playing many roles in theater so it was no different this time.  I was just happy to be there and spending time around my dad.  Also, truth be told, I loved that mini wife dress.  The other dress I wore came out of my closet and was nothing special.  I was pretty excited to have something like what the big girls were wearing.

Finally do you think Mr. Warren was a weirdo for coming up with that? I'd also imagine he had issues with women.

  I think that the 60's allowed many ideas to cross previously held boundaries, and in an artistic bohemian context, no subject would be off limits.  I have heard various private stories that indicate Hal had certain views of women that many might find offensive but I don't think he was any sort of weirdo concerning children. 

Have a great Holiday and travel safe!  See you next week.

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