Friday, September 6, 2013

Debbie Does Seattle

I had the privilege of traveling  to Seattle in August to participate in cool Manos adventures.  The train from Portland was relaxing and beautiful.  What a great way to travel.

In Seattle, I stayed downtown just blocks from the Space Needle and the EMP Museum  of Entertainment, Music and Pop Culture.  Turns out a friend from High School works for the museum and gave me a personal tour.  Amazing place if you ever have the opportunity.
Jackey Raye in the Blue Room at the EMP

The first evening, August 7th, I went to a Manos Restoration screening at The Uptown Theater sponsored by SIFF, the Seattle Independent Film Festival.  Fabulously engaging audience.  Most hung around for a Q and A with me and had some great questions.  I got a bonus and personal thrill from seeing my name in lights. Could totally get used to this.

Jackey Raye with SIFF Cinema Programmer, Clinton McClung

On August 8th, after touring Seattle and attending a local art exhibit, I arrived at Scarecrow Video to check it out and hang around to visit with any Manos fans who wanted to stop by.  This store is most probably the largest independent video store in the country if not the world.  They carry over 117,000 titles.  Mind blowing place.  If you can't find any movie you're looking for, I would strongly suggest you contact  Scarecrow Video

On August 9th I attended the opening night of  Manos: The Hands of Felt and again on August 10 as a special guest for an after show talkback.  Rachel Jackson along with cast and crew created an overwhelmingly funny show.  I belly laughed till I cried...and I have to say, I love the Debbie portrayal. The Hands of Felt audiences were the most enthusiastic yet. Over the top laughing and foot stomping to boot.  

Throughout the visit, I had the pleasure of spending time with old Manos friends Ben Solovey of  The Manos Restoration and Bryan and Wanda Jennings.  Bryan is the original Sheriff's son.  Reconnected with other friends, made lots of new ones and had a wonderful time all around.

Thanks for reading.  If you are new(er) at reading my posts, go check out the early posts for the behind the scenes stories of the making of Manos in the summer of 1966.

Stay tuned.  Next post begins a new series of stories.

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