Friday, June 21, 2013

"Recasting Manos" A Graphic Novel

An awesome new Manos project is in the works and I'd like to share it with you all and ask you to consider pitching in to make it happen.  Keith McCaffety  is a huge Manos fan and a very talented artist.  I met Keith in El Paso at a screening of the Manos Restoration last August.  He drove all the way from Florida to El Paso for the event at the El Paso Classic Film Festival and even had an awesome sweater to wear like Micheal's from Manos.  Keith told me about an idea he has to create a Graphic Novel of Manos with new characters and a much deeper fuller story line.  He had a couple preliminary drawing to show which I found very impressive.  Since then, Keith has been airing a podcast titled "Talk to the Hand" which I interviewed for along with other Manos related folk.  Here is my interview  "Talk to the Hand" Jackey's interview
Be sure to checkout some of the others too with Rachel Jackson of Manos Hands of Felt fame, Sam Beddoes, the Manos Game creator, Ben Solovey the Manos Restoration genius and more.

Keith is now doing a fund raising promotion to go to VidCon where he will meet and connect with many of the real life personalities that he is using for the Manos characters.  It will be an opportunity to raise awareness of his novel and to build support so he can get it done and make it available to all past, present and future Manos fans.  He's not asking for much.  Just enough to build the momentum to take it the next step.  If he goes beyond his minimum goal, I will also be able to go and can help him with promotion and do a bit of self promotion as well.  Oh yes, I have Manos goals also and will soon reveal them to you all.  So, you see, you would be helping me too.  A bit here and there adds up, so come on, skip a few lattes and help Manos mania to continue building.

Thanks for visiting!  May the Hand of Manos Bless You and Yours.

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