Friday, May 17, 2013

Manos Hands of Felt Kickstarter

The Manos: Hands of Felt puppet show will be appearing on stage in Seattle Washington for two weeks starting August 9th.  There are so many of you that won't have the opportunity to see the show live but you will have the opportunity to get a DVD of this awesome event.  Rachel Jackson, the creator of Hands of Felt     plans to have the show professionally filmed and will offer it for purchase.  She has begun a Kickstarter to raise the needed funds and is already doing great in such a short time.  More than halfway to her goal, in fact.  There are some cool items for backers including dinner with me before the show on August 10th. Well, I think it's cool. Lol.  Anyhow, Check it out and pitch in if you can and come to the show if you can.  It'll be a blast!

Manos: Hands of Felt Kickstarter

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