Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Masters Other Life

I want to share with you a family photo that no one outside of a few people in my family has seen until now.  I thought you would want to know what The Master looked like without the robe and make up.  Not only that, but this photo truly encapsulates who we all were.  In a nutshell, so to speak.  

From the left, my mother Jackey Reace, Dad Tom and my dad's grandparents Big Mimi and Pop.  They pretty much raised my dad, and Pop is where our Native American side came from.
My parents either created or built nearly everything in our house.  In this photo alone you can see one of my dad's sculptures with steel wool hair peeking out between Big Mimi and Pop.  One of his paintings of a nude is behind mom.  Too bad all the good stuff is covered up, huh?  Dad also made the chair to the left and scavanged the wood that's paneling the back wall from the desert.  My mom made the cushions for the chair, the drapes behind her and both of our dresses.  I'm pretty sure our underwear was store bought, but knowing my family, it could have come from the sewing room.

This photo was taken on November 15th 1966 as we were on our way out the door to go to the Manos: The Hands of Fate  premiere. It just this second occured to me in one of those odd ways that new thoughts surface from old or familiar things...I absolutey have no memory of my Great Grandparents being at the premiere and no photos have been found of them being there.  They were not in the limo with us when we arrived in front of the Capri Theater and yet here they stand all dressed up.  Hmmm.

Fast forward 46 and half years.  Things change.  My great grandparents and my mother are gone and my dad has had another family for many many years.  I grew up, got married had two handsome boys, got divorced, raised those boys and am now on my own again.

Here is a couple photos of my dad and I last summer.  He's still a very handsome man and at least now I don't have that goofy slack jawed look I seemed to perfect in Manos.

This week begins Manos: The Hands of Fate on Stage in Portland, Oregon.  It is tremendously funny and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be involved.  Come to the show if you can and be sure to visit with me in the lobby or afterward.

Trailer for Play

Brian Koch, Little Debbie and Big Debbie

May the Hand of  Manos be with You Always


  1. Wonderful stories and memories. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. Awwww...terrific photos! Thank you for posting them!

  3. Thanks for Sharing your Pictures and memories and give my regards to your Dad!